About Us

Afterlight Leisure represents a focus on presence. On expression. On embracing playfulness and pleasure. Fusing nostalgia with an ongoing excitement for the creation of new memories that will last a lifetime.

We believe that the most crucial currency is how long each of us holds on to our defining memories of pleasure and fulfillment. Our objective is to live on in the backdrop of these most joyous occasions with the embrace of our carefully crafted garments.

Value Chain

Sustainable, eco, and ethical manufacturing are phrases that are often used in the fashion business, without any substance or real meaning. Empty buzzwords that are tossed around to help customers feel better about making a purchase without a true understanding of the value chain of designing, manufacturing, marketing, and distributing a product.

To provide transparency and communicate specifically on Afterlight Leisure's value chain, we evaluate sustainability across four pillars: Production, Partners, Persistence, and Philanthropy.


Afterlight Leisure is designed and manufactured in Bali, Indonesia with a focus on producing timeless styles using high quality materials. Our brand values are the antithesis of fast fashion.

We partner with a select network of Balinese artisans who custom cut and sew each garment from the comfort of their own homes. With the flexibility of being able to work from home, artisans set their own schedules and production for the month.

Many of our artisans also act as primary caregivers for their families, and our flexible work arrangement ensures these individuals can both support and care for their families without leaving their home. Rigorous quality control reviews are executed throughout the production process to ensure both the consistency and quality of each garment produced.


Bali, Indonesia is a beautiful tropical island renowned for its white sandy beaches, lush jungles, sweeping volcanoes, and most importantly, gracious and compassionate people.

Like many travel destinations throughout the world, Bali’s economy is overwhelmingly reliant on tourism and its over 4 million residents have been incredibly hard hit by COVID-19. The Indonesian government reported a staggering 83% drop in foreign tourism on the island from 2019 to 2020 – the lowest levels seen in a decade. While Bali opened its borders for tourism in early 2022, it will be years before the island is able to return to pre-COVID levels of economic activity.

In an effort to support the island we’ve grown to love, Afterlight Leisure has made a conscious decision to partner with Bali-based vendors and service providers (whenever possible) as we bring our products to customers. We are putting forth our best efforts to help the local economy more broadly diversify into resilient fields such as manufacturing, photography, social media, and creative production. The passions of our incredibly talented partners and creative artists are woven into the very fibres of your Afterlight Leisure garments.


High quality materials and construction are at the foundation of all of our designs. Our commitment to quality ensures that every garment enhances your leisure experiences and persists far beyond the memories of a single season. Our designs are comprised of a carefully engineered blend of terry cloth, consisting of natural cotton enhanced with synthetic fibers.

In addition to creating plush, comfortable, and enduring products, we do our best to minimise waste throughout the production processes. We hand cut all of our designs in bulk to maximise the yield of our fabrics and collect any remnant leftovers for use in our smaller pieces as well as garment detailing.

We refrain from using extraneous packaging materials in the fulfillment of your order. Each product is carefully packed inside a reusable cotton drawstring cinch bag and shipped in a fully recyclable poly mailer bag, comprised of 100% recycled materials.

Finally, we offset the carbon dioxide emissions associated with the distribution of all Afterlight Leisure orders. Donations are made monthly to the Acapa - Bajo Mira y Frontera Forest Conservation Project through Pachama, which helps fund protecting the Amazonian rainforest.


Afterlight Leisure donates 5% of our profits to the Bali-based non-profit organization, Stella’s Child. This innovative grassroots organization supports Indonesian youth from deeply disadvantaged backgrounds as they prepare to leave children's homes, orphanages, and remote villages to enter the working world. Offering job training, life skills development, community action projects, and an entrepreneurship program, Stella’s Child serves an underprivileged population in great need of mentorship and hope for a brighter future.