Welcome Aboard the Cockpit Chronicles

Welcome aboard to all our distinguished passengers, we are delighted to take you under our wings. Cockpit Chronicles is the official logbook of Afterlight Leisure with a mission to offer leisure-enhancing content that transports our readers to a state of bliss. This forum is the announcement intercom with exclusive access to, and insights from, the captains while charting the course of this multi-sensorial and sartorial journey.

The flight crew will be coming through the aisle semi-monthly with relevant travel, lifestyle, fashion, arts, and entertainment features. As your stewards of leisure, we aim to curate a breezy, playful, and refined atmosphere, spotlighting components of a life worth living – one filled with love, passion, creation, pleasure, and fulfillment.

From our perspective, the most crucial currency in this existence is how long each of us holds on to our defining memories of joy and gratification. We hope to live on in the backdrop of your most joyous occasions with our terry cloth garments, complementing every blissful moment with refined taste and unparalleled comfort. We seek to accompany you along your leisurely pursuits while inspiring you to create vibrant moments that leave you with a rich tapestry of experiences to reflect fondly upon.

Before we prepare for landing, we will be rolling our duty-free cart through the cabin featuring our Frequent Flyer terry cloth favourites.

Men’s Terry Cloth Collection

Zipper Terry Cloth Polo &Drawstring Terry Cloth Shorts

Women’s Terry Cloth Collection 

Terry Cloth Kimono & Terry Cloth Bikini Top

Accessories Collection

Terry Cloth Hat & Terry Cloth Backpack

It's not the destination. It’s the journey. And, on behalf of the entire Afterlight Leisure crew, we would like to thank you for joining us on this trip. We are looking forward to seeing you on board Cockpit Chronicles again in the near future.

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